Some things just never go out of style– like the Margarita, for instance. According to Nielsen CGA, the tequila-based cocktail remains at the top of the list for both legal male and female consumers alike.

The survey was originally launched in May of 2016, conducted by Nielsen CGA’s OPUS (On Premise User Survey.) In the survey’s first run, the margarita ranked highest for both genders in on-premise drinking situations. When re-conducted this past May, the results remained the same. Interestingly enough, Scott Elliot, Senior Vice President of Nielsen CGA, revealed that “one-fourth of on premise visitors don’t know what category they’re going to drink before entering an outlet.” And a Margarita is generally always a safe choice, right?

The survey revealed some other compelling data regarding Americans’ alcohol consumption; more Americans are consuming cocktails out (5% increase was reported), especially millennials. Men love Manhattans, women love Daiquiris, and the base liquor of a beverage is the most significant factor in drink choice for both genders.

In a surprising reveal, flavored vodka has climbed to second place for favorite base-liquor amongst consumers, right behind America’s favorite spirit, tequila. Light rum and vodka tie for third place.

In recent tequila news, Heineken may get sued by the Tequila Regulatory Council, and George Clooney sells his famed tequila company for $1 billion. We think it’s safe to say America’s favorite spirit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.