Amazon’s Alexa can do pretty much anything. You can tell it to play music, order groceries, give you traffic updates — the list just goes on. Now there’s a new Alexa feature, and you may or may not be excited about it depending on your drinking habits.

Instead of ordering more booze, this new feature called My Alcohol Tracker records users’ alcohol consumption. According to Food & Wine, Cancer Research U.K. has launched the new function during Alcohol Awareness Week in an effort to bring peoples’ attention to the correlation between alcohol consumption and various types of cancer. Users can either set their own weekly goals, or follow Drinkaware’s consumption guidelines.

“Alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer, but awareness of the link is very low,” according to Michael Docherty, digital director at Cancer Research U.K. “My Alcohol Tracker uses voice recognition technology to help people get a better idea of what they are drinking, as well as providing helpful hints and tips on cutting down.”

Users can then record their alcohol consumption by saying “Alexa, ask my alcohol tracker to add one glass of wine” or “Alexa, ask my alcohol tracker to add two shots of whiskey.” The feature also offers words of inspiration for people who meet their alcohol goals, and for people who may slip up. Alexa can also take a more admonishing approach by telling you how many doughnuts equate to your alcohol calorie count. While moderation and sticking to your goals are important, remember to enjoy yourself as well.