Wine bottles everywhere could be getting a whole lot cleaner, thanks to this new and improved drip-free bottle.

According to Brandeis University, after three long years of studying liquid flow, one of their biophysicists has found the answer to the bottle drippage issue. Daniel Perlman, world-famous inventor and proud possessor of over 100 patents, came up with the idea to cut a groove below the lip of the bottle, creating an answer to the number one nuisance of wine pouring. While other products to prevent drippage exist on the market, many require placing an additional piece of equipment into the bottle.

Perlman says he “wanted to change the wine bottle itself” because he “didn’t want there to be the additional cost or inconvenience of buying an accessory.” The addition of the two millimeter groove to the bottle prohibits the wine from running down the side of the bottle, and instead, forces the wine to land into the glass it’s being poured into. Modern day wine bottles actually aren’t so modern at all; their design came about in the early 19th century. And they haven’t changed much since.

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