New York City negroni lovers’ latest wish has been granted. According to Gothamist, Dante, follow-up establishment of the 100-year old Village staple, Genuine, will be getting a ‘Negroni Fountain’ this summer. The partnership between Dante and (now-closed) portion of Genuine will be called ‘DANTE at GENUINE,’ and we. can’t. wait.

Though Dante is pretty used to negroni aficionados flooding their Greenwich Village based address. Their ‘Negroni Sessions’ menu has caused thousands to flock to the establishment, tasting and experimenting with various takes on the classic cocktail. Dan Dickinson, cocktail enthusiast and Gothamist contributor tells the publication, ‘If there’s any cocktail bar in the city I’d associate with a singular drink, it’s Dante and negronis.”

The gurgling fountain of booze will serve up the classic take on the cocktail (equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth) and will be self serve. Twists on the iconic drink can be ordered at the bar, though sadly, will not ooze from a gin-based fountain.

Between negroni fountains, Aperol spritz slushis, and a seasonal menu booming with fresh seafood and fried vegetables, we really don’t see the need to be anywhere else this summer.