As 99-year old Gladys Stroud drives– yes, drives– around Vegas, it’s unclear as to which activity she’s off to next; mahjong, exercising, or volunteering at the library. At nearly 100 years old, Gladys partakes in more extracurricular activities than most people one-quarter of her age.

So what’s her secret to remaining so agile after nearly a century of life? According to The Deccan Chronicle, cigars, sex, and scotch are her secret.

Twice married, Gladys has outlived both of her husbands, despite nearly losing her life while giving birth to her first child. She tells Deccan that she “always finds something positive, even in sad events in her life.” Such positivity could also be found in taking care of her great-great-granddaughter and grandson, another way in which she enjoys spending her time.

Babysitting multiple children or cigars, sex, and scotch? We’ll stick with the latter.