What would you be willing to give up to impeach President Donald Trump? Would you go the way of Trump himself and swear off alcohol entirely to get the man out of office? That’s the gist of what Detox asked men and women who classified themselves as active alcohol drinkers. Turns out around two-thirds of Democrats would go dry to impeach Trump.

A total of 1,013 people answered the survey. Around 73 percent of self identified Democrats said they would give up alcohol to impeach Trump, and 17 percent of self identified Republicans said the same. In the poll, 21 percent of people identified as Republican, 43 as Democrat, and 36 as independent or other, Munchies writes, with 41 percent women and 58 percent men.

Granted, a survey of just over 1,000 people is by no means a definitive. But the question is enough to make you think. What would you give up alcohol for? The poll also asked whether they would rather give up sex than alcohol (17 percent said yes), and how much someone would have to pay them to give up alcohol (average of $400 for a month, $4,708 for a year, and $365,458 for a life).

Detox also turned the spotlight on the media, asking who would give up alcohol if it meant the media would play nicer with Trump. Only 6.5 percent of Democrats said they would, and 30 percent of Republicans.

According to a study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 56 percent of people drink on a monthly basis, 70 percent on a yearly basis, and 86 percent take a drink at some point in their life.

Would you give it up?