This election season, there’s been no shortage of drinking games. Maybe it’s the pressure of this particular election, pent-up quarantine-fueled creativity, or the sound of that perfect pack of holiday seltzers calling your name — we get it.

It’s no secret that alcohol sales rise towards the end of the year, and with this major event arriving well before the holiday season, this year is going to be a doozy. That being said, we’ve made it this far, so stop taping 40s to your hands and scroll down for our ultimate list of election night drinking games.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of everything to look for on TV and online, whether it’s another pesky fly, or the words “too close to call.” And if you’re not drinking, we’ve included some non-drinking, self-care options for those who need a little R&R.

1. Red Wine for Blue from Mandatory

This drinking guide will keep you going with commands oscillating between “take a shot” and “drink some water.” On perhaps the most stressful night of the year, a firm order to hydrate can go a long way. Self-described as “The Democratic Drinking Game For an Anxious Election Night” this game, plus a stiff whiskey drink, will be sure to calm your nerves.

2. Self-Care Not-Drinking Game from The Washingtonian

Originally designed for the last debate, the Washingtonian’s self-care game is exactly what we need this election season. With directions like “light an aromatherapy candle” and “eat a spoonful of ice-cream,” the guide has everything you need to center yourself when things start to feel out of control. It’s not without humor, with some instructions quickly moving from “take a sip of calming chamomile tea” to “chug the chamomile tea” so it’ll be an easy sell to even the worst stress-addicts.

3. Election Night Drinking Game from Pittsburgh City Paper

This drinking game is a perfect fit for those who plan to stay glued to their phones. It extends an olive branch to all you Twitter-heads, with directions like take a drink when “you see a subtweet. Take two drinks if it’s from the party that’s currently losing.” But be forewarned, if you see a fly — any fly — you’ll be doing shots.

4. The Munchies State-by-State Plan from Vice

If you’re itching to make full use of your tiki-stocked home bar, then Vice has got you covered. Their Munchies Guide to Election Night has a different drink for every state won, no matter the outcome. Just replace “Clinton” with “Biden” and you’ll be all set to play in 2020. This guide is chock-full of 50 different drinking commands, which means 50 different cocktails to keep the night moving forward. But watch out, once North Carolina rolls around, you may be drinking moonshine.

5. The Best 2020 Drinking Game from VinePair

As always, we’ve got an election night bingo card to keep you on your toes. Play along and see how many states it takes to work your way across the board. You’ll be passing drinks around any time you hear the words “fracking” or “too close to call.” And get ready to knock one back for every “red state” or “blue state” announced. Now, with your drinking games covered, it’s just a matter of what you’ll be drinking. Jungle Birds, perhaps?