If you thought seltzers were a summer trend, think again.

On Tuesday morning, Bud Light released its new line of “Ugly Sweater Seltzers” to help you cozy up as the weather changes. The line includes the brand’s classic Cranberry flavor as well as newcomers: Apple Crisp, Peppermint Pattie, and Gingersnap.

Built for easy-drinking, the slim 12-ounce cans will be available nationwide from Nov. 2 in 12-can variety packs for a limited time only. Similar to the flavors before them, each is made with cane sugar and natural fruit flavors without the use of any artificial sweeteners. The new collection rounds out Bud Light’s seltzer portfolio, and brings their total flavor count up to 10.

Ringing in at just 5 percent ABV and 100 calories per can, the release could help grease your wheels and get you through all the holiday bliss — and stress.

VinePair was granted early access and dove into the holiday spirit right away to provide you with our tasting notes today. Here are all of the flavors of the new Bud Light Seltzer multipack, tasted and ranked.

4. Cranberry

Cranberry is one of the new Bud Light Ugly Sweater hard seltzers. By now, cranberry hard seltzers have worked their way into the core portfolio of many leading brands — with varying degrees of success. Bud Light’s version is fruity and vibrant, though it doesn’t immediately recall the fruit in fresh or cooked form. This is a refreshing, tasty hard seltzer but it doesn’t quite scream “Thanksgiving table.”

3. Peppermint Pattie

Peppermint Pattie is one of the new Bud Light Ugly Sweater hard seltzers. The execution here is exceptional; Bud Light has done an incredible job of infusing this seltzer with intense peppermint and decadent dark chocolate notes. The bigger question is: Are these aromas and flavors you’re looking for from your low-calorie, low-ABV carbonated water? Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder with this one.

2. Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is one of the new Bud Light Ugly Sweater hard seltzers. This hard seltzer leads with unmistakable baked apple aromas. Imagine taking the fresh fruit, cutting into slices, and slowly cooking in a mix of brown butter, dark sugar, and cinnamon. Cinnamon leads the charge on the palate, with just the right amount of fresh apple to keep things fresh.

1. Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap is one of the new Bud Light Ugly Sweater hard seltzers. This seltzer captures the full essence of a gingersnap cookie. Rather than jolts of fresh ginger, the aromatic root comes across sweet and warming on both the nose and palate. The ginger notes mingle nicely with brown sugar and vanilla, and a sprinkling of baking spices. This is the perfect flavor for those looking for a seltzer that’s both rich and refreshing. In other words, it’s got holiday season hard seltzer written all over it.