Though times are a little strange, many people are keeping positive by celebrating victories, big and small. Folks are having virtual birthday parties, students are attending graduations online, and grandmas are enjoying the simple pleasure of drinking beer.

On Wednesday, one Massachusetts grandma had a substantial reason to crack open a cold one. According to USA Today, 103-year-old Jennie Stejna won her fight against coronavirus and celebrated by drinking a good old Bud Light.

The Polish grandmother first tested positive for the virus three weeks ago and was subsequently put in a separate ward in the nursing home where she resides. Though her battle with the virus was tumultuous, and her family even prepared their final goodbyes (via phone because visitors were prohibited), the resilient Mrs. Stejna bested the condition and made an inspiring recovery.

Naturally, the 103-year-old had to celebrate, and the special moment was thankfully caught on camera. In a video that has since gone viral, one of Stejna’s attendants hands her a beer that she happily sips on, delighted by how cold it is.