A Guinness a day” is one of the famous beer brand’s iconic advertising campaigns from the last century. It’s also, apparently, the secret to a long life.

If anyone knows the secret to a long, healthy life, it’s a centenarian. Doris Olive Netting, a 100-year-old woman in Plymouth, England, threw a Guinness-themed party to celebrate her 100th birthday last week. She credits her good health to drinking a glass of Guinness every day for about the last 70 years.

Netting’s penchant for Guinness doesn’t just come from a love for stouts. Her lifelong commitment started after World War II, when the Irish beer brand launched a marketing campaign touting the health benefits of the beer, the Independent reports.

“After the war there was a big marketing campaign to buy Guinness – drink Guinness to get your iron – following on from the ration years. So Olive did just that: a glass [mini bottle] of Guinness a day for the rest of her life. That is what she puts her good health and age down to,” Netting’s granddaughter, Tammy, told the Independent.

“She refuses to go a day without drinking it.”

Netting is not alone in her daily drink philosophy. 100-year-old Matilda Curcia recently credited her centenarian status to a daily diet of beer and potato chips.  Last year, Ella Macleod, a 100-year-old woman in Scotland, swore by rosé every day. You go, girls.