In the latest centenarian’s secret to a long and vibrant life, 100-year-old Matilda Curcia recently credited turning 100 to a simple evening diet of beer and potato chips.

Curcia, who celebrated her 100th birthday with friend and fellow centenarian, Mickey, this week in San Diego, told NBC 7 San Diego that she enjoys a beer and three potato chips–or, she admitted, sometimes more than three potato chips–every evening.

“I do my exercises every day, and have my beer, [and] eat my potato chips,” Curcia says in an NBC news video.

Curcia and Mickey (who did not provide a last name) have been friends and neighbors for almost 50 years. The duo turned 100 within days of each other, and celebrated with a joint birthday party with their families on Saturday.

In addition to beer and chips, Curcia and Mickey also go for walks, and occasionally, bike rides.