Anyone who lives long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday deserves a prize. And for a certain type of 100 year old, only one prize will do: free beer for life.

That’s what Arthur Johnson, a resident of Chorlton, England, got from the Bowling Green pub for his 100th birthday. Nearly every day for the past 10 years, Johnson, who goes by Bunny, has walked into Bowling Green and ordered a Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. The owner, Mark Canny, told Bunny he’d get free beer for life after he turned 100. Now it’s time to make good on the promise.

“I made this promise of free beer for life about six or seven years ago not expecting that he would be at the pub every day of the week,” Canny told Mirror. He also added that Bunny is “always impeccably dressed and all the barmaids like him. He’s got an eye for the women.”

Johnson said that he’s in good company at the pub, and the beer might just be helping keeping him alive (he sticks to a pint a day usually, “but then quite often it’s a double.”) In addition to the cask ale, he also stays away from fast food and worries.

“What hasn’t happened yet might not happen at all so why worry about it,” Johnson told Mirror.

That, or maybe he just takes after his queen, who downs a surprising amount of alcohol for her age. Regardless, it’s about time you start becoming a regular at a bar. By the time you hit 100, you can maybe get some free beer too.