America’s most proficient and productive day drinkers have nothing on the Queen of England.

According to Esquire, 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch alive, takes down six drinks a day, every day. She’s not trying to put your wine night antics to shame. Her Majesty is just trying to reign over her country with some peace of mind.

It all starts shortly before lunch. The Queen kicks things off with a gin and Dubbonet (a sweet, wine-based liqueur) made with Gordon’s gin, lemon, and ice. Then she’ll have a glass of wine with her meal. A couple hours later she’s ready for her evening tipple: a dry martini. Finally, she finishes off her day with a flute of Champagne from either Bollinger, Lanson, Krug, or a sparkling from the royal vineyards.

The woman knows how to party, no matter how somber the Netflix series “The Crown” makes her appear.

Per U.K. drinking measurements, that comes out to six drinks, putting her in the binge drinking category by government standards (Her Majesty’s government recommends only 14 drinks per week). In the U.S., where drinks are just slightly bigger than in England, her daily schedule would put her at around four or five drinks, depending on how stiff the Queen likes her martinis.

The geriatric who swears by drinking is a well worn story. VinePair’s written about a 107-year-old whiskey lover, a 103-year-old beer drinker, and a 101-year-old wine drinker. Of course, none of those people carried the weight of one of the most powerful countries in the world for 65 years.