Summer get togethers are about friendship and community. Shared tapas, shared conversation, shared laughter. And on the rooftops of New York City, nothing screams community like the 10 pound Moscow Mules at the hotel bars on top of Dream Midtown and Dream Downtown.

Yeah. Ten pounds. As in the size of a newborn goat.

The drink is called the Mega Mule, and it truly is communal (don’t even think about trying to down one yourself). It’s loaded with 18 ounces (70 percent of a standard liquor bottle) of Belvedere Vodka, ice, ginger beer, and fresh cut limes. If you’re more of a tequila drinker, you can swap out the Belvedere for blanco tequila. It also costs $185 pre tax and tip.

Like all recent New York food phenomenon, this thing was built for social media. There’s enough drink in the Mega Mule to fill an entire Snap story, and it sure beats yet another Instagram of someone holding a ridiculously extravagant and diabolical milkshake. The Dream Hotels aren’t the only places you can get a Mega Mule, but they’re the only places with a great view.

Will it be the most money you ever paid for 10-pound curls? Probably. But it sure beats drinking a regular, non communal size drink on a crowded New York sidewalk.

The beverage director of Dream Hotels New York, Drew Sweeney, shared the recipe with Delish. Good luck finding a big enough mule mug.


18 ounces of Belvedere Vodka or Casamigos Blanco
3 ounces of lime juice
1.5 bottles of Owen’s All Natural Mule Mix

Mix everything in a pitcher, stir in some ice, garnish with mint and lime and there you have it. Enjoy!