Who knew that Barefoot wine could unite voters on both sides of the aisle?

Ahead of the midterm elections next week, data analytics firm YouGov compiled a report exploring the fast food and alcohol brands beloved by both Republicans and Democrats. The findings were shared in a 28-page document on Nov. 2.

The report is prefaced with an ominous finding: 43 percent of surveyed Americans believe that a United States civil war is imminent. Despite this somewhat apocalyptic nugget of information, YouGov persevered by asking respondents which wine, beer, and spirits brands they’d consider purchasing in the future, after establishing the respondents’ political leanings.

According to the survey’s methodology, “This report seeks to identify where Republicans and Democrats can share a meal or which drinks make sense for the next round of a ‘healthy’ debate.”

YouGov ranked the brands with the smallest delta between Democrats and Republicans. Here are the top ten beverage brands beloved by both parties:

  1. Barefoot Wines
  2. Sutter Home Wines
  3. Mike’s Hard Lemonade
  4. Samuel Adams Beers
  5. Budweiser Beers
  6. Guinness Beers
  7. Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi Wines
  8. Kendall-Jackson Wines
  9. Miller Lite Beers
  10. Robert Mondavi Winery

On the culinary side, Wendy’s was the top restaurant considered by members of both parties.

“In conclusion, with 43 of Americans believing a civil war is more likely than not in the next decade, new YouGov research concludes that drinking Barefoot wine at Wendy’s can bring the U.S. together,” the report states.