On a chilly December night, there are only two things we want to be drinking — booze and hot chocolate — and there’s nothing worse than having to decide between the two. So we decided: Why not both? After multiple attempts of swirling and sipping, we’ve finally perfected the recipe for this flawless yet simple Red Wine Hot Chocolate, and we’re sending it your way. So grab a bottle and get to mixing! You’ll be on your way in no time to snuggling up with the booziest, most exquisite hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. [TIP: We found that a full-bodied, fruit-forward red, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, works best. Also, no need to spend more than $15 — you are mixing it with chocolate, after all.]

What You’ll Need:

1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup sweetened cocoa powder or hot cocoa mix
1/2 cup red wine
Whipped cream for topping
Dark chocolate shavings for topping


Slowly heat milk in a saucepan on low — do not scorch the milk! Whisk cocoa powder in with warm milk until it’s fully combined. Remove from heat and add red wine. Stir to incorporate red wine. Pour hot chocolate into a mug. Top (generously) with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

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