There’s no denying that the wine industry has evolved for the better over the course of the past decade, with more female-identifying producers entering the wide and wild world of wine.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we asked some of our favorite female industry professionals to share their must-try bottles produced by female winemakers.

Emme Pink Lemonade 2021

emme wine

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“I am loving all the Emme wines. I work in the same shared seller as [owner] Rosalind Reynolds and all of her wines are delicious, but I especially love her Pink Lemonade field blend co-ferment. I’m also loving Âmevive wines. I haven’t yet met [vigneron] Alice [Anderson], but her farming is inspiring and her Syrah is amazing.” —Martha Stoumen, winemaker, Martha Stoumen Wines

Anónimas Os Dunares Albariño

osdunares wine

“With two female and queer winemakers behind Anónimas, it’s hard not to support the brand. This is one of the best Albarinos I’ve ever had; it’s both classic and modern with this tremendous salty minerality crossed with rich tropical tones. It’s excitement in a glass.” —Coly Den Haan, owner, Vinovore

Landmass Willamette Valley Brut 2018

landmass wine

“There’s this duo, Landmass Wines. They’re pretty small and out of Oregon, but anything that I’ve had in the past from them is really outstanding. They have a 2018 Willamette Valley Brut that’s great, and that’s really what they’re focused on. They’re pretty tiny, so they’re not widely distributed across the country, but are kind of doing fun things and they really care about wine and are super passionate.” —Ksenija Kostic House, co-owner and winemaker, Ovum Wines

Philosophy 2019 Reign Rosé

philosophy wine

Philosophy Winery is in Maryland and is just getting started, but they’re really special. One of the founders, Kimberly [T. Johnson] actually worked for us for a number of years, then branched out and started her own thing. They are the first Black-owned female winery in Maryland and are two African American females trying to get into an industry that is historically dominated by white males. They’ve only put out like a couple of vintages, including a rosé and then a white and red, so they’re super young, but I really love what they’re doing.” —Lisa Hinton, winemaker, Old Westminster Winery

Buddy Buddy Chenin Blanc & Apples & Pears 2021

buddy buddy wine

“Cassidy Miller at Buddy Buddy makes ciders but she also makes wines as well as mashups of the two; she’s got some [bottles] that are made with grapes and apples, and sometimes pears as well. She’s got one that’s apples and pears meeting a Chenin Blanc blend that’s really delicious.” —Amy Atwood, owner, Amy Atwood Selections

Filipa Pato 3B Beira Extra Brut Rosé 2019

filipa pato wine

“I’ve always loved the Filipa Pato wines. It’s a brand from Portugal, and I really fell in love with Pato’s rosé. She makes all-natural wine with her husband; they make varieties that are indigenous to her region.” —Marlen Porter, co-owner, Amplify Wines

Oest Piccolo 2020

oest piccolo wine

“Co-fermented with apples and grape skin Piquette, this wine is unique, refreshing (in both senses of the word) and satisfyingly dry. It’s another queer winemaker to support, but also this wine is very much on trend by co-fermenting grapes with other fruits or flowers together at the same time. You’re going to start seeing a lot of this style in the future; taste the wines and you will see why.” —Coly Den Haan, owner, Vinovore

Donkey & Goat 2020 Ramato Pinot Gris

donkey & goat wine

Tracy [Rodgers Brandt] from Donkey & Goat, one of my favorite wines from her is her Ramato. It’s basically like a rosé meets skin contact from Pinot Gris that’s called the Ramato. It’s really, really delicious” —Amy Atwood, owner, Amy Atwood Selections

Responses have been edited and condensed for clarity.