The month of May marks the beginning of many things — consistently warm weather, for example, al fresco dining, and, of course, beach weekends. It also marks the official kickoff of wedding season and everything that goes along with it.

Weddings today come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing they have in common is that they all require a certain amount of planning to pull off the perfect day of each couple’s dreams. And planning, of course, involves lots of decisions. For couples going a more traditional route, those decisions usually involve picking bridal party outfits. The wedding gown is, of course, the biggest outfit to choose, but these days the bridesmaid’s dresses, should a couple choose to have them, are no small potatoes, either. Indeed, long gone are the times when bridesmaid dresses were a punch line in a joke. Instead, they provide an opportunity to showcase the couple’s style, wedding theme, and who they are as a couple.

It follows from all of this that wine-loving couples may want to use the bridal attire to showcase their mutual love of the grape-based libation. And why shouldn’t they? Anyone can have a specialty cocktail at their reception. A wine-inspired bridal palette, on the other hand, is a wonderfully unique way to pay tribute to something special a couple shares.

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But even couples that don’t share a love of wine should think about a wine-colored bridal party for their big day. And that is because wine makes a truly beautiful palette. Seriously, the next time you’re at a party just look at a table full of red, white, and rosé-filled wine glasses and you’ll see what I mean. Or, for those who don’t anticipate any parties in their immediate future, take a look below, where we’ve compiled four of our favorite bridal palettes inspired by wine.

Champagne high

Champagne-colored dresses are perfect for a wine-inspired bridal party

Inspired by the fanciest of all wines, this look is perfect for a black-tie wedding or any evening event held in a fancy-schmancy venue.

These are some Champagne-colored dresses for a wine-themed wedding

Sequins are a wonderful embodiment of the bubbly nature of Champagne, and neutral-colored dresses scream — well, they don’t scream at all, actually, which is kind of the point.

Champagne colored dresses are perfect for a wine-themed wedding

Just like the beverage, they are classic and elegant. If you’re feeling bold, throw a rosé-colored dress into the mix and you’ve basically got a case of Moët Impérial.

Fifty shades of rosé

Rose colored dresses are perfect for a wine themed wedding

Maybe you met your significant other during the summer, over what has become the season’s trendiest adult beverage. Or maybe you just prefer a more feminine palette. Either way, it’s worth considering a rosé-themed spread of bridesmaid dresses.

Rose colored dresses will make your wine themed wedding sparkle

While rosé is usually associated with a lightish-pink color, it actually comes in so many more hues than people realize. This, in turn, makes for a really fun mixing-and-matching process.

Rose themed dresses are great for wine themed weddings!

I personally love a pink palette that runs the gamut from pale to deep blush, but depending on the season, it might make more sense to stick with lighter or darker shades.  Whatever the decision, a glass of Champagne will always be the perfect accessory.

Bold and beautiful

These red dresses are lovely for a wine themed wedding

Perhaps the trickiest of wine-inspired palettes to pull off, an all-red selection also makes the biggest statement. It’s the perfect choice for a couple that wants to go sensual and bold.

red dresses are a lovely option for a wine themed wedding

It’s also a dream palette for a winter wedding. I mean, just picture how those red dresses will look with white muffs, or — even better — white stoles. Of course, the devil is in the details with this one; while it’s a smaller range of colors, not all variations of red look equally good standing next to one another.

red dresses for th eultimate wine themed wedding

So you’ll have to pick and order carefully. Probably best to keep the lighter Pinot Noir-inspired dresses toward one end of the line and the deeper Cabernet Sauvignons toward the other in pictures.

Tasting flight

This is perfect for a wedding themed on a tasting flight

Last but certainly not least, the “tasting flight” palette is the ultimate tribute to wine, and arguably the most beautiful one as well. In fact, the red-white-rosé combination is what inspired this post in the first place. I remember so vividly the day I discovered it. I was out having impromptu tasting flights with my one sister (a wine lover), and we started talking about the upcoming wedding of my other sister (also a wine lover). There was this moment when I looked down at the flight in front of me and thought, “This should be her bridesmaid palette.”

This is perfect for a wedding themed on a tasting flight

While my sister chose to go a slightly different route, I still hold out hope that I can convince someone to do it.

This is perfect for a wedding themed on a tasting flight

I mean, just look at how those colors play off each other: reds, next to blushes, next to pinks, next to whites. This is the perfect palette for a fall wedding, and for a couple that truly loves wine in all its forms.