The closer we look at the world of wine, the more obvious it becomes that in most ways it remains dominated by white men. That may not set it apart from many other industries, as we’ve documented several times regarding beer, but as wine’s consumer base diversifies across gender, racial, and age groups, finding representation outside of that single demographic remains difficult. It helps explain why stories of sexual harassment and assault are alarmingly common in the wine world, even if they’re rarely reported.

So what are we to do? How do we improve access to wine education and training, as well as influential wine jobs, to all types of people? How do we drag the wine industry out of the frat house and into the modern world? That’s the topic for this week’s VinePair podcast, where Adam and Zach are joined by Victoria James, beverage director and partner at New York City’s Cote Restaurant, as well as the author of “Drink Pink” and the upcoming “Wine Girl,” and one of the co-founders of Wine Empowered.

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