Wine 101: Italy: Nebbiolo Outside of Barolo and Barbaresco

This episode of “Wine 101” is sponsored by Brancaia. In the grand tradition of Super Tuscans, the Brancaia wine stays true to that era, blending Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with Sangiovese, the pride of central Italy. The result is a big, full-bodied red wine that your dad will like. The depth and concentration of this wine will make you say things like “rusticity.”

The Nebbiolo grape is a bit of a funny one. It’s the first to bud and the last to ripen. While it’s well established as the flagship varietal of Barolo and Barbaresco, it gets planted in other parts of Italy as well.

As we move away from the grape’s comfort zone, Nebbiolo expresses itself in different ways. The terroir of different regions brings out the more savory side of the grape where its fruit character becomes more restrained, and heightened acidity and tannins take center stage.

In the New World, outside of Italy, there are wonderful expressions of Nebbiolo, but it really has a sense of place in Italy. In this episode, we explore what happens to Nebbiolo as we travel to different parts of the boot, mainly focusing on regions around Milan. Tune in for more.

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