Wine 101: Italy: Le Marche

This episode of “Wine 101” is sponsored by Allegrini. This wine is from the Veneto, a region just north of Le Marche. Lugana is a small appellation at the south end of the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda. It’s a place of beauty, vacation, and recreation and these wines reflect that. They really embody the spirit of lake life: books on the beach, fish tacos for dinner, all that good stuff. I like this wine best when it’s paired with an absolute mountain of shellfish.

On the eastern coast of Italy, north of Abruzzo, there’s a region called Le Marche — home to 15 DOCs and 5 DOCGs. It’s known for its gorgeous beaches, rolling hills, and, of course, its wine.

There is so much going on with wine in Le Marche that it doesn’t make sense that the region hasn’t popped off on our market. There’s a crispy white wine grape called Verdicchio, or “the little green one.” There’s Lacrima, a red wine grape that translates to “the tear.” They even make a Lambrusco lookalike called Vernaccia Nera, a sparkling red wine made with the Charmat method. The list keeps going.

Today, our host Keith Beavers walks us through a number of these varietals, from Matelica (not the band) to Pecorino (not the cheese). Buckle up and get ready to talk about this prolific eastern Italian region. It’s all right here on “Wine 101.”

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