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Welcome back to Wine 101 with VinePair tastings director Keith Beavers. In this episode, Beavers covers all you need to know about decanters, from their historical use to contemporary purpose.

As Beavers explains, “to decant” simply means to pour liquid from one vessel to another. Many wine lovers are familiar with the function of a decanter: to better aerate a bottle of wine. Historically, however, the practice of decanting had a different purpose. As Beavers notes, decanting was less about aerating wine and more about assuring the wine was free of sediment. Most wine drinkers today don’t need to worry about using a decanter for this purpose — unless you are drinking aged wine and prefer not to have sediment in your glass.

Learn about the different types of decanters, how to use one, and how much you can expect to spend in this week’s episode.

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