Why Rueda Verdejo Is Your Official White Wine of Spring

Spring is here, and before you know it, summer will be too. Coats and boots have been replaced with skirts and espadrilles, and just like those sweaters, now it’s time to kiss our big reds and oaky whites goodbye. We hereby declare these warm seasons to be all about crisp, high-acid whites.

With all that gorgeous weather and those long weekend afternoons and evenings, you’re going to need an easy-drinking, mouthwatering white wine to keep you going. Look no further than Rueda Verdejo, which should be your official white wine this season.

Verdejo’s light body and juicy stone fruit flavors are perfect for those warmer weather days, especially ones spent drinking outside. If you’re normally a Sauvignon Blanc drinker, say hello to your more interesting and less grassy new best friend. Whether you’re spending your Saturday on a blanket in the park or enjoying those first days on the beach, these bottles of Rueda Verdejo from Spain will keep your thirst quenched all day long.

Spring and summer also mean plenty of barbecues. Rueda Verdejo’s high acidity and crisp fruit flavors make it a versatile choice for food and wine pairings, and it’s flawless when coupled with salads, crunchy vegetables, or grilled seafood dishes. Oh, and don’t forget to drink it on its own, too.

Plus, it’s affordable. Generally clocking in under $20 a bottle (usually closer to $10-13), Rueda Verdejo is perfect for sharing with all of your family and friends. Its affordability means you can mix and match, grabbing a few different bottles to taste the diversity of styles the region has to offer. Looking for a great deal? Head over to wine.com and snag a 10 percent discount on all Rueda Verdejo wines using the code RUEDA.

Now that you’ve got the wine sorted out, the only thing left on the agenda is figuring out what you’ll be wearing and pairing.