It’s been kinda hard to figure: Even as bourbon, tequila, mezcal, and gin have had or are having their moments, rum is still relegated to a niche role in most bars. The tiki revival has helped, but the real issue is that so much of the market is dominated by a few big producers that don’t seem all that interested in improving rum’s image, or expanding the contexts and cocktails that Americans enjoy it in. More than that, there’s little discussion of the rich traditions and history surrounding rum throughout the Caribbean, meaning that we often take this remarkable spirit for granted.

That’s the topic of this week’s VinePair podcast, where Adam and Zach are joined by Marc Farrell, the founder of Ten To One Rum, which focuses on blending rums from several different Caribbean nations to create a unique and balanced product. Learn how to drink rum like a Caribbean native, and why it can be a crucial part of a bar program no matter what sort of establishment you run.

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