VinePair’s 2023 Next Wave Awards winners are here. Every fall, the Next Wave Awards spotlight wine, beer, spirits, and other hospitality professionals who are working tirelessly to propel the industry forward and make it a more welcoming, equitable, and sustainable place.

This year’s winners span 17 categories including one brand new addition: the Industry Icon. The Long Island Bar, owned by legendary bartenders Toby Cecchini and Joel Tompkins, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, holding strong as one of New York’s most beloved bars and continuously pushing the boundaries of what it means to make a great cocktail. Check out the rest of the winners from the 2023 Next Wave Awards here.

After discussing some of this year’s winners, Adam, Zach, and Joanna are joined by Basketball Hall of Famer and four-time NBA champion Tony Parker to discuss his long-standing love of wine. Parker’s love affair with wine began in his late teens growing up in France where he was first introduced to “good wine.” When he came to the U.S. to play, he had a coach who loved the beverage and his interest was furthered, though at the time, the NBA was all about spirits and cocktails. However, as the league has evolved, it has become more in line with luxury branding, and wine fits into that branding seamlessly.

Today, Parker owns Château Saint Laurent, a chateau and vineyard in the Rhône Valley where he produces his own wine. Additionally, he has invested in Champagne Jeeper and Château La Mascaronne in Provence and is currently working on bringing the Champagne and Château La Mascaronne rosé to American markets.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam and Zach discuss the 2023 Next Wave Awards before they are joined by Joanna for a conversation with Tony Parker about his love for wine, the role it played on his championship-winning teams, and his current ventures in the wine world. Tune in for more.

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