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Trends come and go, but is it important as a drinks community to rescue the wines and spirits that are falling out of style?

We’ve discussed how Scotch gave the near-doomed sherry industry a revival, but that appears to be more of an exception than a rule. After all, we didn’t save Zima in the aughts. A beverage’s historical relevance is important, but in answering this question, we need to zoom out and look at how capitalism is often at odds with artistry and passion. Plus, we humans are sentimental creatures, and though that’s evident in the wine world’s attachment to antiquity, it’s a bit daft to ignore the future and resist evolution.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach explore whether modern-day drinkers, journalists, and industry members should care about keeping historically important drinks, styles, and regions economically viable, even if they struggle to find an audience. Tune in for more.

Zach is drinking: Two Vintners “Claire” Grenache
Joanna is drinking: Pinhook Rye Manhattan
Adam is drinking: Krug Grande Cuvée No. 171

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