In an industry riddled with celebrity rosés, beers, and Champagnes, a new celeb Prosecco is spearheading the market. Actress, writer, producer, and storyteller Issa Rae just launched Viarae, a balanced, crushable Prosecco in collaboration with Gallo.

Rae first fell in love with the sparkling wine over a sushi dinner with director and friend Melina Matsoukas. She began recommending Prosecco to all of her peers and adding the wine to spirits, creating her own cocktails and spritzes. As her passion snowballed, she yearned to have her own brand to stand behind, so she got to building one. After a few trips to Italy and working with a slew of wine professionals, Rae launched Viarae, adding another brand to the expanding Issa Rae empire — she also runs a few coffee shops, HOORAE Media, and an audio platform called Raedio.

With Viarae, the bottle design takes a different approach to the typical pink and blue Prosecco labels adorned with over-embellished calligraphy, opting for bright green text and a vintage 1970s Italian look. In the long run, Rae plans to capture a lifestyle with Viarae, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves.

Today on the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Zach, and Joanna are joined by Issa Rae to talk about all things Viarae, including her love for the sparkling wine, why Prosecco is where she wanted to enter the drinks industry, and her goals for the brand. Tune in for more.

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