After walking into a wine or a cocktail bar, it used to be a given that you would be handed a menu with options to consider. Now, more establishments are opting to go menuless, instead offering the guidance of the server or sommelier to suggest the perfect drink to fit your vibe. While the concept of matchmaking guests with beverages seems romantic at first, this system leaves room for the bar-going experience to go awry. Can guests feel comfortable pushing back on a recommendation without a menu to compare it to? And how can bar-goers make an informed decision for their budget without a list of prices?

On today’s episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Joanna and Zach chat about the increased popularity of the menuless bar model. The two discuss whether the notion of surrendering control to the server is more fun, or uncomfortable, and the differences that could make this concept work more successfully in a cocktail bar as opposed to a wine bar. Could pushing drinkers out of their comfort zones attract younger consumers who are just looking for the best vibes? Or will the lack of clear options seem more intimidating to wary guests? It’s all here on the “VinePair Podcast.” Tune in for more.

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