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In this “Next Round,” VinePair CEO Adam Teeter speaks with Brie Wohld, vice president of marketing at Trinchero, about the health halo surrounding current wine trends, including the introduction of wine-based hard seltzer and its effect on the wine category.

Wohld oversees what she calls the “commercial premium portfolio,” which includes affordable, mass- appeal brands such as Sutter Home, she says. Newer brands such as Del Mar, Fre, and Bandit are also within the portfolio she oversees.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Wohld has seen a greater focus on health and wellness at Trinchero. This is something that the company had already begun emphasizing in the months prior, she says. Unlike wellness trends of the past (she cites Jane Fonda workouts and Tae Bo kickboxing), the trends Trinchero is exploring are centered around mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation, Wohld says. For this reason, the current health halo expands beyond low carbs, calories, and sugars and into low-ABV offerings.

That is where Trinchero brands like Del Mar and Fre come in, Wohld says. Fre, an alcohol-removed wine, is targeted toward people who are taking a time out from drinking but are still looking to enjoy happy hour with friends. The wine-based seltzer Del Mar packs just 4 percent ABV, and its labeling gives drinkers a clear idea of what is in the can: wine, seltzer, and natural flavorings. Continuing its focus on health and wellness, Trinchero is launching Mind and Body, a forthcoming line of traditional bottled wines offering between 8.5 and 9 percent ABV, and 90 calories per serving.

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