A Hot Night and Hotter Party to Celebrate Tres Generaciones Tequila’s New Zine

At the Citizen News building on July 27, right in the heart of Hollywood, premium tequila brand Tres Generaciones celebrated its 50th anniversary with the launch of Familia Tres — a talent collective made up of Grammy Award-nominated musicians, artists, and top-tier creatives who exemplify the brand’s ethos of “Fail Twice, Get Up Tres.” The party also served to tell the Familia Tres collective’s story with a first look into the debut of “GENERACIONES” magazine, which is full of profiles on tastemakers, cocktail recipes, and stories about the brand.

Created in 1973, Tres Generaciones was born from the legendary Sauza tequila family and named for the three generations of Dons — Don Cenobio Sauza, Don Eladio Sauza, and Don Francisco Javier Sauza — who helped build the brand and bring the spirit to global recognition.

I stepped out of my cab into the humid night. In L.A., it’s the hot season. The sidewalk was bustling with Tres Generaciones partygoers, diners coming and leaving a neighboring Italian restaurant. Everybody was going somewhere, hurrying to find the closest air conditioning.

I walked up the stairs, past women in Tres Generaciones-green dresses, toward the sounds of Immasoul’s live performance, party chatter, and cool air. Cocktails flowed, and delicious bites passed as the Quintana Roo-born, Afro-Mexican singer serenaded the crowd with her “Amores Pasajeros” EP.

On display throughout the party was the first look at the debut issue of the “GENERACIONES” zine. Renowned journalist Rembert Browne, who serves as the editor-in-chief of the magazine, compiled these creatives and their stories as a celebration of perseverance, ingenuity, lineage, and the power of dreaming big. In his letter of introduction, Browne wrote that the magazine is here to show “what it looks like when people care about what they do. It’s a snapshot showing us how we got here and where we’re going. There’s passion in the pages, made sweeter by the struggle.”

Tres Generaciones had its lineup of tequilas ready for sipping, or mixing into a slate of tasty drinks. I started with the Tres Piña Paloma, with the triple-distilled Tres Generaciones Plata tequila, pineapple syrup, fresh lime juice, and grapefruit soda. It was refreshing on a hot night as I mixed and mingled.

Other partygoers opted for the Tres Hibiscus Marg, with fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, hibiscus syrup, and Tres Generaciones Reposado, or the Tres ‘73, a sparkling tequila take on the French 75, with Tres Generaciones Añejo, lemon, and Champagne. My second round? I went for añejo on the rocks, which brought a smile to the busy bartender as he looked at the long line behind me. The añejo was smooth, thanks to the 100 percent blue agave and 12 months spent in toasted American oak barrels. I ordered just in time for “GENERACIONES” magazine cover girl and Grammy Award-nominated Victoria Monét’s electric performance. In her profile story, she told writer Hunter Harris: “Music is something that I live and breathe. I just don’t see an option of not doing it.” As she took the stage with her backup dancers, the sea of raised arms taking video on their phones validated that.

Terrell Jones, stylist to Fat Joe and DJ Khaled and one of the featured stories in the new pub, snapped pictures with the crowd and made his way around the party decked out in an all-white, double-breasted couture suit — far and away the best dressed of us all.

When asked about an epiphany moment as a young man that would shape the direction of his life, Jones said: “[My mother] agreed to send me to a performing arts school, and I turned school into my fashion show. That was another pivotal moment in my life where I tapped into who Terrell would become. And every time I think about that story, I’m speaking to every parent out there. Listen to your young ones. You may be unlocking the great gift.”

After Victoria Monét’s performance, DJ Joe Kay bumped beats to the dancing few as I planned my exit. The party began winding down, and I found myself back on the steamy sidewalk. New friends and old friends waited for their cars as they scrolled through pictures and videos from the night. Hollywood was buzzing, and for some, the night was just beginning. For me? I slipped away into the night, off in search of more air conditioning.

Be sure to check out the debut issue of the new zine and get yourself a bottle (or two) of the legendary tequila.

This article is sponsored by Tres Generaciones.