This question has been asked in this column over the years in a variety of ways: Do I need to tip the same percent on a bottle of wine that I do on the rest of the meal? What percentage tip is acceptable for a bottle of wine? Do I need to tip on a bottle of wine at all?

In every single instance, my answer is the same: If you can afford to order a bottle of wine when you’re out, you can afford to tip 20 percent on the bottle, just as you do the food. And if you disagree with me on the 20 percent tip, you probably have never worked in the service industry or have very little respect for those who do.

If you’re ordering a very expensive bottle of wine, congratulations on having the means to be able to afford said bottle. Every once in a while, unless you’re Connor Roy from “Succession,” in which case it’s all the time, it’s nice to treat yourself and others to a fancy wine. But if you do, please heed my advice and add the cost of that bottle into your tip. Otherwise, you’ll look like a real cheapskate. And remember, restaurants keep notes on their guests, both the good and the bad. Stiffing the staff on a tip is a surefire way to ensure that the service you receive the next time you dine is less than stellar.

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