If you’re a loyal VinePair reader, there’s at least a small chance that you’re not just a whiskey lover, but that you’re part of a whiskey-loving couple. If that’s the case, something you should definitely be doing is incorporating your shared love of whiskey into your date nights. Nothing says “I love you” like a good old shot of whiskey, right? We’ve come up with three fun (and easy!) date night ideas for those who love to share a sip of Scotch — or whichever spirit floats your boat. So sit back, grab a glass, and let the good times roll.

Have Your Own Private Whiskey Tasting

There’s nothing as romantic as learning something new together. A whiskey tasting for two will not only be super fun and edifying, but next time you’re out with your friends, you’ll be able to tell them a lot about whatever is on the menu. Grab a few bottles from the liquor store and bring them home for your date. Serve the whiskey in crystal tasting snifters. Have crackers and cucumbers on hand for palate-cleansing between whiskeys. And if you really want to up your game, grab a copy of this best-selling guide to Tasting Whiskey!

Have a Whiskey-Themed Netflix & Chill

Because what’s better than sipping whiskey on the couch in sweatpants? Grab your favorite bottle of booze, set up a fancy cheese board, and choose a whiskey-themed movie to get the party started. “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” “Whisky,” and “Whiskey Business” are just a few to choose from. And if you decide to go for multiple movies, be sure to have enough whiskey on hand to pair with them!

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Age Your Own Whiskey

Aging your own whiskey has never been easier — and no, it doesn’t require purchasing a massive barrel for your not-so-massive apartment. Simply grab one of these sets and get started. Disclaimer: Results are not instant — we recommend keeping a bottle on hand for immediate consumption after.