The Tropical Seltzers You Need for Your Summer Bucket List

If you’re like, oh, pretty much every single person on earth, you could use a real break right now. Luckily, summer is on the horizon, which means real summer is almost here. Summer is just a season, but real summer is a way of life — it’s the kind of summer that’s about afternoon barbecues that turn into evening barbecues that turn into whoops-it’s-actually-midnight barbecues. The kind of summer where the priority is perfecting your cannonball, not checking your work email. The kind of summer you’ll remember long into fall (and not just because your friends keep posting that one beach photo where you look really dorky in your sun hat). A summer so pool-splashing-ly, out-of-office-message-ly, tropical flavor-ly real, it all needs to be toasted with an incredibly real High Noon Hard Seltzer.

High Noon Hard Seltzer is kind of obsessed with keeping it real, but since when is that a bad thing? Every light, flavorful sip of High Noon Hard Seltzer is made with real vodka, real juice, and sparkling water. In fact, High Noon was the first hard seltzer brand to use real vodka and real juice in every can. Other hard seltzers are made with malt liquors, but High Noon’s vodka is made exclusively from five-times-distilled corn grown in the Midwest. That’s it.

So whether you’re sipping on a tangy pineapple, a refreshing watermelon, or a juicy peach, know you’re not drinking added sugars, syrups, or artificial sweeteners — you’re drinking real fruit juice.

High Noon’s crisp, vibrant flavor is probably why it was voted #1 Best Tasting Seltzer by the Tasting Panel Magazine in 2020 and 2021 — meaning, yep, it’s stayed on top for two years in a row. And starting this May (as in right now), High Noon Hard Seltzer is releasing a Tropical Limited Edition Variety Pack to capture all the tastes of the warm weather months. Every gluten-free can of High Noon Hard Seltzer has 100 calories with zero added sugar, so there’s no reason not to grab a Tropical Pack and perform your own personal summer flavor pairings. Try a classic flavor like pineapple with a grilled classic like chicken kebabs or enjoy a new flavor like mango or passionfruit with spicy cilantro shrimp. Or just pair them with sitting on the porch telling stories with old friends.

High Noon Hard Seltzer is releasing a Tropical Limited Edition Variety Pack.
High Noon Hard Seltzer is releasing a Tropical Limited Edition Variety Pack.

In fact, High Noon Hard Seltzer’s light, bright Tropical Pack flavors go so well with so much of summer, they’re only around from May to September, just like bathing suit season. So, in the interest of helping you enjoy this time (and flavor) to the fullest, we’ve developed this summer refresher course, helping you pair High Noon Tropical Pack flavors with your favorite summer activities. So get a move on — the time to start making precious (and delicious) summer memories is right now.

And make sure to enjoy both summer fun and the High Noon Tropical Pack right now, because they’re both only around until September.

A Day at the Beach

Pairing: Pineapple

Nothing goes with a day at the beach quite like a pineapple High Noon. The sweet-tart taste perfectly complements salty ocean breezes, the feeling of sand under your toes, and only going in the water up to your ankles because WHOA, it’s actually super cold. Toss a High Noon Hard Seltzer Tropical Pack in your beach gear, along with your umbrella and that volleyball set you never use because hey, if nothing else, the volleyball makes a pretty good neck pillow.

Prime Picnicing

Pairing: Mango

For those without yacht access, spreading out a picnic blanket is always a great alternative –– especially if you pack High Noon Hard Seltzer in your basket. For these decadent, if not local, occasions, cracking open a Mango seltzer will stir up your surroundings and have your squad dreaming of the tropics!

The juicy taste of fresh, ripe mango juice (almost) evokes the sound of ocean waves and goes just as well with an open stretch of grass as it will with open water. Just make sure to leave room on your charcuterie board for plenty of dried pineapple and macadamia nuts to pack in some extra island fuel.

High Noon Hard Seltzer’s super-crushable Tropical Packs are only available this year from May to September.
High Noon Hard Seltzer’s super-crushable Tropical Packs are only available this year from May to September.

Pool Party

Pairing: Watermelon

If you’re trying to plan out the perfect summer, there’s only one rule: never, ever turn down a pool party. Actually, wait, there’s a second rule: never, ever turn down watermelon, the MVP of summer flavors. And when you combine the two, you have achieved complete and total mastery of the summer. So whether you’re dipping your toes in an epic infinity pool with a million dollar view, or a tiny backyard pool with a view of your dad’s tool shed, a refreshing watermelon High Noon Hard Seltzer adds the perfect twist to this perfect summer experience. OK, the infinity pool is a little more perfect. But only a little.


Pairing: Passionfruit

So, you can’t make it out to any exotic locales this summer. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy your break. For total faux-cation joy, string up a hammock in your backyard, fire up the grill, and pop open a can of passionfruit High Noon for a refreshing taste that mixes sweet-but-never-cloying with tart-but-never-harsh. It tastes like the tropics, right? So, lie back and let your own tropical adventure kick in. If you close your eyes (and block out the sound of your neighbor mulching his lawn), you’ll feel like you’re splashing in the private pool at an exclusive overwater bungalow.

Your own High Noon Hard Seltzer real summer may look slightly different, which is fine. Whether you enjoy a crisp High Noon at the beach or in your own backyard, you do you. That’s what High Noon’s all about — being real. Because when you’re as good as High Noon, there’s no reason to fake it.

This article is sponsored by High Noon Hard Seltzer.

Vodka with Real Fruit Juice, Sparkling Water, and Natural Flavors, Alcohol 4.5% by Volume (9 Proof), ©2021 High Noon Spirits Company, Modesto, CA. All rights reserved. Analysis per 12 fl. oz ALL FLAVORS: 100 Calories, 0 Protein, 0 FAT. Carbohydrates: Grapefruit 2.6g, Black Cherry 2.6g, Pineapple 2.9g, Watermelon 2.6g, Mango 2.6g, Passionfruit 2.6g., Lime 2.3g, Peach 2.3g.