The VinePair Podcast: Inside Mayenda Tequila’s Unique Approach to Tequila

Sponsored by Mayenda Tequila.

If you were to stand in front of the ovens that slowly roast agave piñas, your nose would be flooded with the sweet scent of caramel. But don’t take our word for it, just ask Jesús Susunaga Acosta, master tequilero at Mayenda Tequila.

Those elusive, decadent aromas are usually lost during the agave distillation process, a fact that left Acosta determined to recapture them. With a background in biochemistry and decades of experience in the spirits industry, he was just the man for the job. 

The usual tequila distillation process involves eight steps; Mayenda adds two more. Its pioneering process calls for both a maceration step and a blending step between the first and second distillations. The result is a distinct, ultra-premium blanco bursting with richness.

To learn more about Mayenda’s trailblazing production process, tune in. It’s all right here on the “VinePair Podcast.” 

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