The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Guide: Wine Edition

This article is sponsored by Mind & Body Wines.

*Mind & Body Wines per 5 fl oz. Average Analysis: 9.0% Alcohol by Volume, Calories 90, Carbohydrates 4.87g, Fat 0g, Protein <1.0g

As 2020 has just recently come to a close, many have their eyes on the new year and how to tackle those seemingly impossible resolutions. Easy to make and frustratingly hard to keep, each year the most popular resolution on many folks’ to-tackle lists is “make healthier choices,” which can range from dieting and exercising to cutting back on alcohol. But what if you could make these promises a little easier — and more fun! — to maintain?

With the rise of a new generation of premium low-calorie, low-alcohol brands and elevated no-alcohol choices, it’s never been more enjoyable to toast the new year while still reaching your wellness goals. This season, we’re all about mindful consumption, prioritizing quality over quantity, and raising a glass to family and friends.

Go light(er)

Making lighter choices doesn’t necessarily mean going cold turkey on your favorite indulgences, especially a glass of wine after a long day. At just 90 calories and 9 percent alcohol, Mind & Body Wines make for the ideal after-work treat. Sourced from premium California vineyards, the wines are cold-fermented and aged to preserve aromas and flavors before passing through a patented spinning cone technology to remove the alcohol, while maintaining superior flavor. We recommend picking up a crisp and refreshing bottle of Mind & Body Rosé to complement a guilt-free dessert of fresh strawberries and frozen yogurt.

When it comes to sugar, less is more

It’s not just about cutting down on calories; it’s also about your sugar intake. Make the switch without sacrificing by opting for low-alcohol wines, which naturally contain less sugar. The lively Mind & Body Pinot Grigio, which is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, is free of added sugar yet still provides flavors of white peach and honeysuckle.

Get outdoors

Sticking to a resolution is a breeze when it feels like an adventure, so load up the car, grab your bike, or break in those new hiking boots and head out on a crisp, cold-weather outing — just be sure to pack a well-appointed picnic basket. Celebrate reaching the summit with a bottle of smooth Mind & Body Cabernet Sauvignon. At only 9 percent alcohol, this Cabernet is light enough for a post-workout toast, while still bold and full-bodied to give you that rewarding feeling.

Keep a wellness diary

The common consensus is that starting and maintaining a drink diary will make it much easier to stick to your New Year’s wellness goals. Record what you drink and how you feel for a week or two and then make changes in order to optimize your imbibing. Is one too many sugary mixed drinks on Friday night leaving you a bit too tired to head out for that Saturday morning run? Switching to a low-calorie bottle might be the key to success and increased energy. Taking part in Dry January but still want to raise a glass? Reach for a bottle of FRE, a line of alcohol-removed wines from California. Using the same spinning cone column technology as Mind & Body, FRE wines have less than 0.5 percent alcohol. Try FRE Sparkling Brut in single-serve cans or a traditional bottle of FRE Chardonnay.

Practice “mindful drinking”

The key to balanced living is mindfulness, one of the buzziest words of 2020. The theory of mindful drinking is to cultivate a more conscious, intentional approach to consuming alcohol that encourages not just sipping but savoring. Take a moment to concentrate on how the glass you’re imbibing feels and tastes, and what sensations it conjures in your body. Mindful drinking can also mean crafting the perfect aperitif for an intimate dinner filled with wholesome dishes and great company.

Spritz it up!

What’s been a bartender’s secret for years is now a favorite of wellness enthusiasts, who have found that the white-wine spritzer is the best way to enjoy bubbles without extra calories. To create the perfect spritzer, mix three parts Mind & Body Pinot Grigio with one part club soda or a splash of organic, no-sugar fizzy lemonade. And then deck out your drink with a couple drops of bitters or fanciful garnishes, like kumquat wheels or sprigs of herbs. The beauty of a spritzer is that the added soda water will covertly keep you hydrated and reduce your alcohol intake even further, thus crushing dreaded hangover headaches and helping you stick to your lifestyle goals.

Make it easy on yourself

Ultimately, the best way to keep a New Year’s wellness resolution is to keep decision-making to a minimum. Maintain a fridge that’s fully stocked with fresh fruit, veggies, and hearty whole grains, and a wine shelf that’s lined with low-calorie, low-alcohol wines to make even everyday self-care an elevated occasion.