The Flavors of Faux Pas: Betches Has a Canned Cocktail for Every Occasion

As reported by VinePair, last month, the female-led media brand Betches delighted the fans and followers who comprise their 48-plus million-strong community with the surprise launch of Faux Pas. This game-changing, ready-to-drink cocktail was co-created with Spirit of Gallo.

In case you missed it, here’s the skinny: Faux Pas rings in at 8 percent ABV and just 150 calories, and unlike many boozy canned beverages, these cocktails are made with real tequila and vodka and, along with being gluten-free, contain no artificial flavors.

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s get to the fun stuff. What the drinks lack in fakes and fillers, the packaging makes up for in personality, with each brightly colored can enhanced with tasting notes and taglines crafted in the signature voice of the Betches brand. This isn’t just a beverage, but a lifestyle — one that the lifelong friends who co-founded Betches developed to accompany and enhance everyday occasions and toast the most important moments, and people, in a woman’s life.

“We’re especially proud to have made a drink that celebrates female friendships grounded in realness and laughing together at our faux pas,” said Jordana Abraham, co-founder of Betches and chief innovation officer.

Faux Pas is available in four flavors, each developed by the talented distilling and product development team at Gallo and taste-tested by team members at both brands. While being completely versatile, and equally ideal for poolside lounging or tailgating your friend’s pick up b-ball game, we’re excited to provide a few key suggestions for the very relatable situations in which each flavor of Faux Pas is a particularly perfect fit.

Grapefruit & Orange Tequila Soda

Betches say: “Hints of fresh grapefruit, mandarin, a squeeze of lime, and subtle notes of tagging everyone in a picture only you look good in.”

Perfect for: Wedding Bachelorette party season

Once the bridesmaids have been digitally assembled via group text and the maid of honor starts delegating, take the opportunity to call dibs on refreshment duties and prepare to be hailed as a hero.

Fortunately, Faux Pas has got your back, at least on the beverage front.

Whether the predetermined dress code calls for bedazzled cowgirl gear (Nashville bar crawl), matching captain’s hats (Miami beach party), Faux Pas is the perfect accessory — a light, fun, and refreshing beverage served in bright and bold packaging that’s picture-perfect for the carefully planned events you’ll be dutifully documenting on Instagram all weekend.

Scoop up some Betches Brides swag  for the woman of the hour and then stock the Airbnb with games, snacks, and tart and tangy Grapefruit & Orange Tequila Soda. While it’s not technically a competition, congrats in advance. You’ve just officially cemented Best Bridesmaid status.

Bartlett Pear Vodka Mule

Betches say: “Highlights ginger and fresh Bartlett pear, with the balanced acidity of telling your life story to your cab driver.”

Perfect for: The al fresco first date

If you managed to push past the initial, often awkward Zoom stage, pandemic dating had its specifics charms — not.

Fast-forward to the present. Bars are back and you’re finally allowed within six feet of your suitor, but that doesn’t mean every date needs to take place at the hot new cocktail spot. Spring has arrived, and before summer humidity sets in with its associated hair hazards, it’s time to take the first date al fresco. And there’s no better third wheel than Faux Pas — specifically, the sweet, fruity and flirty Bartlett Pear Vodka Mule.

Next time you swipe right, pitch your match an outdoor date destination and make them an offer they can’t refuse: They provide the snacks, you’ll bring the beverages. And because there’s always some risk involved in online dating (you can’t identify every red flag or deal breaker digitally), you can also consider this refreshment an evening insurance policy. Even if the date’s a dud, at least your drink won’t be.

Spicy Mango Margarita

Betches say: “Complex elements of fresh mango, peach, and a kick of responding to everyone’s IG story as if it were personally directed at you.”

Perfect for: Spicing up the family reunion

While Betches designed their drinks to celebrate female friendships, relatives are the built-in BFFs you were assigned at birth, so you might as well embrace the weirdos who share your blood. Fulfill your rightful role as the cool cousin by packing a few 4-packs of Faux Pas — a perfect way to facilitate some family bonding.

Assuage the natural awkwardness that comes with only hanging out once a year by cracking open an ice-cold can of Spicy Mango Margarita while you pretend to enjoy Aunt Jenny’s questionable casserole, complain about Uncle Ralph and his conspiracy theories, answer the same questions about why you’re still single, and/or argue good-naturedly over who’s going to get Grandma’s jewelry.

Even if you and your relatives’ views don’t always align, the good news is that Faux Pas is a beverage every family member can get behind.

Lemon & Mint Vodka Soda

Betches say: “Contains hints of crisp mint and Meyer lemon, with secondary flavors of texting your ex.”

Perfect for: Stepping up your wind-down routine

Sometimes it’s OK to give yourself permission to back away from the techno-soundtracked brunch with overpriced Mimosas and enjoy a more low-key (and affordable!) cocktail experience in the comfort of your apartment, where zero reservations — or even pants — are required.

Of course, staying in isn’t synonymous with missing out. A party of one is still a party when Faux Pas is involved, and these quality cocktails offer the same fancy flavor and pack just as much punch as the $17 drinks that hoards of weekend warriors are currently spending 20 minutes waiting in line for at your city’s hip new rooftop bar.

Whether your definition of winding down involves laundry, yoga, meal prep, true-crime docs, a tub of cookie dough, or Tik Tok makeup tutorials, we recommend pairing your sacred ritual with a Lemon & Mint Vodka Soda. Refreshing and balanced, this Faux Pas flavor is perfect for Sunday Funday, making the most of your me time before that dreaded Monday.

While the aforementioned suggestions are a humble attempt at emulating Betches’ on-point humor, don’t get it twisted: These cocktails are seriously good. Whether you find the above scenarios eerily relatable or more than a bit outrageous, trust us when we say that with fun flavors, quality ingredients, and real spirits, Faux Pas is the accessory of the season. And this summer, we’re considering every occasion to officially be BYOFP.

This article is sponsored by Faux Pas.