With temperatures high and skies sunny, who wants to be cooped up inside to share a bottle of wine? But with open-container laws being what they are, it isn’t exactly encouraged to take a stroll with a glass of rosé or to bring a picnic pairing to the park or beach. Don’t worry; we’ve got your undercover imbibing needs covered with these six best covert wine-drinking vessels.

While wine bras, skirts, scarves, and other wearable items may be all the rage right now, we decided to stick solely to non-wearable drinking vessels. Nobody wants to drink a glass of wine that’s 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit — and some of those options get a little too close to unsanitary for our tastes. Honorable mention: this wine bracelet flask, which is completely adorable even if it holds only 3 ounces of wine.

Bracelet Flask

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ThermosWhy overthink things? This classic camping staple can be used for hot or cold beverages and holds a whopping 40 ounces of liquid, which is about a bottle and a half of wine.

Pros: What’s more innocent than a Thermos? It’s much more likely that you have a hearty supply of coffee in that drinking vessel for your long hiking trip, of course. But should you choose instead to fill it with your favorite vino, it’s sure to keep it cold for hours, and the lid doubles as a cup. Bonus: perfect for mulled wine.

Cons: If portability is the goal, this isn’t the best option, as the Thermos on its own weighs 1.5 pounds — and that’s without any wine inside. It’s also not the sleekest option, but if you’re really feeling that throwback vibe, maybe that’s actually a pro.

Wine To-Go Cup

Goverre cupAn adult sippy cup shaped like a stemless wine glass that can hold about two-thirds of a bottle of wine.

Pros: Rather than sharing one drinking vessel among many or having to bring extra cups, the Goverre acts as a convenient single-serving option. It’s also easy to access (it has a drink-through lid) and then reseal, keeping things spill-proof.

Cons: The shape might be a bit of a giveaway that it’s not iced tea in your cup, so don’t flaunt it too much. Also, you’ll have to share with a buddy — this cup doesn’t hold an entire bottle.

Under Armour Dominate Bottle

DOMINATEDesigned to be a sleek sports bottle, the Under Armour Dominate bottle holds nearly an entire bottle of wine.

Pros: When Under Armour says that this bottle keeps things cold, it really keeps things cold, to the point where cubes of ice might still be intact after 12 hours inside the bottle. The top also locks tightly, and it’s easy to either drink or pour from, giving no indication of what kind of beverage is inside.

Cons: Unless you’re close with your friends and are really certain that none of them have a cold, you’ll want to pack extra cups to drink from. Also, the Dominate actually holds 24 ounces of liquid, meaning that it will hold just shy of a full bottle.

Wine Purse

Wine PurseAn actual purse equipped with a secret compartment that holds a 1.5-liter, heavy-duty plastic wine pouch, with a spout at the bottom of the purse that can be unveiled when wine is needed.

Pros: Points for creativity! It’s the only drinking vessel listed here that doesn’t require another bag to carry it in — because the bag is the vessel. Plus, it holds two bottles of wine and can still fit your wallet, keys, and cell.

Cons: The wine purse presents a definite need for extra glasses, as it would look a little odd to attempt to drink from a purse. Also, make sure that the movie theater attendant doesn’t ask to unzip all the pouches of your purse or else the bag of wine will be entirely visible!

Hydro Flask

Hydro FlaskA well-designed, double-insulated bottle with drinking-straw spout that comes in either 32 or 40 ounce sizes, both of which will hold over a bottle.

Pros: Lightweight and equipped with a lifetime warranty, the Hydro Flask flies under the radar, looking like any other reusable water bottle (well, because it is). The flip-flop is convenient for easy drinking, and the insulation keeps liquids cold for a full 24 hours — tested and confirmed.

Cons: Be wary of the green bottle in warm-weather drinking situations; while the liquid will remain ice cold, the outside will quickly become blazing hot!

Flexible Wine Bottle Bags

Wine BagsEssentially a heavy-duty plastic bag with a cap that holds an entire bottle of wine, designed to be reusable and easily stored after use.

Pros: Easy to pack and then store after the wine bag is empty, as they roll up compactly. Good for beach and camping trips in which glass may not be allowed. Also the best way to smuggle wine through bag scanners onto a cruise ship.

Cons: Uninsulated and not exactly inconspicuous, as they are somewhat see-through and have a picture of a wine bottle on the label. They also require extra cups to pour into, as drinking out of a bag could become real messy, real fast.