Swap Your Seltzer for a Beam Highball This Fall

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The hard seltzer category has exploded on the scene, a covetable combination of effervescence and convenience in the can. If you’re a fan of the world’s best-selling Bourbon, Jim Beam Highball® is the perfect sipper for you.

Jim Beam Highball hit shelves earlier this year and wasted no time winning over fans. The popular new RTD comes in two flavors, each built upon the brand’s award-winning Kentucky whiskey, and enlivened by the bright buzz of either bubbly water or ginger ale—and a hint of citrus. An optimal blend of taste and refreshment, they offer everything today’s drinkers crave… In canned form. From backyard BBQs to pregame tailgates, it’s your ultimate hard seltzer-swapper this fall.

“We know that so many drinkers get tired of beer and prefer something refreshing, lighter tasting and more balanced,” explains Malini Patel, Managing Director for the James B. Beam Distilling Co. in Clermont, Kentucky. “We’re excited to offer consumers a refreshing, convenient alternative. These two Highball options were inspired by the cult-favorite handmade Highball cocktail, which is made by mixing chilled Jim Beam Bourbon with ice and ice-cold, highly carbonated soda water or ginger ale.”

Highballs are among the most classic whiskey preparations ever conceived. Typically served in a tall glass, the drink combines spirit with an invigorating, carbonated mixer to exceptional effect. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity. Not all Highballs are created equal: the care with which these basic ingredients are assembled dictates the quality of the final product. In the bars of Japan—where the cocktail has been elevated to the level of high art—the gentle, calculated application of crisp, effervescence atop ice-chilled spirit ensures perfection.

Jim Beam Highball was engineered to deliver that same degree of precision, captured in the can. You’ll immediately appreciate its approachable elegance, the result of years of research. The best kind of research, too: professional tastemakers working with a century-old family recipe to find an exacting formulation that’s beyond reproach.

“It’s like bringing your neighborhood bartender with you wherever you choose to enjoy a refreshing cocktail,” according to Amy Probasco, Beam Suntory’s in-house Cocktail Consultant and Mixologist. “Jim Beam Highball [on draft] has been growing in popularity for a few years now at baseball stadiums, music festivals and other in-person venues. The can allows for an added element of versatility. It’s the perfectly-crafted Highball whether you’re in your backyard, at a barbecue, on your couch or at a tailgate parking lot.”

Jim Beam Highball hit shelves earlier this year and wasted no time winning over fans.

Best of all, this is a cocktail showcasing the fine flavors of its underlying spirit. When you’re talking about Jim Beam Straight Bourbon Whiskey, this means subtle notes of vanilla and creamed corn in the aroma, caramel and toasted oak on the tongue: the hallmark characteristics which set “White Label” apart as a true Kentucky classic. But here that same taste profile is rendered in a way which will resonate with seasoned veterans and newcomers, alike.

“Our ready-to-drink Highballs are the perfect way to enjoy Jim Beam in a new, refreshing way, whether you’re a bourbon fan or you’re trying bourbon for the first time,” confirms Patel.

It’s not just lip service. One sip of Jim Beam Classic Highball is enough to win over even the most ardent of hard seltzer supporters, as well as the growing chorus of bored beer drinkers. Crack open a can of Jim Beam Classic Highball during gameday and you’re treated to something bubbly and festive to enjoy amongst friends. With Jim Beam Ginger Highball you’ll get similar merriment in every sip. And you’ll even find a liquid assertive enough to pair with hearty, grilled fare during dinnertime.

Both expressions boast an easy-drinking ABV of 5% and are priced at $9.99/four-pack of 355ml cans. So you’ll be savoring bar quality cocktails without having to rack up a full-fledged bar tab to match.

“Today’s drinkers are looking for fun and easy ways to sip safely and responsibly with friends and family,” adds Probasco. “But there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice anything to flavor in the name of convenience. Our Jim Beam Highball is proof of that. And we’re proud to share it with our fans new and old.”

In fact, they’ve been sharing world-class Kentucky Straight Bourbon for over 200 years—across seven generations. Throughout that time, this hallowed bluegrass distillery never settled for anything less than excellence in the bottle. You can expect the same in the can. So, why settle for seltzer? Jim Beam Highball is fixing you up a whole lot more.

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