Your Guide to Effortlessly Hosting Any Backyard Event This Summer

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Sunshine and warm weather can only mean one thing — it’s time to dust off your outdoor space and celebrate al fresco! However, after remaining cooped up inside for a season or two, it’s only natural to feel a little rusty when it comes to hosting backyard events.

Large or small, casual or chic, serving Bombay Bramble at any outdoor party is a must. Infused with 100 percent hand-picked raspberries and blackberries and containing no added sugars, this premium gin can help make any backyard soiree feel as fun, natural, and effortless as mixing up a Bombay Bramble & Tonic.

Ready to refresh your backyard hosting game? Whether you’re flipping burgers by the grill, sipping refreshing Bombay Bramble cocktails poolside, or celebrating a special occasion, the goal is to keep things as fresh and breezy as possible so everyone can enjoy a little fun in the sun.

There’s a subtle art to crafting a successful event outside, so we’ve got you covered with plenty of tips for everything from menu planning, to redecorating your space, to finding the most refreshing summertime staple for your bar. All in all, this guide will bring throwing a backyard bash back to your to-do list and help you host an unforgettable event.

Use decor to create a scene

Every great event is supported by a great scene. Use decor to set the tone of your party and to get guests in the right mood as soon as they arrive. We know it’s summer, but breaking a sweat isn’t required to make an impact. It can be as simple as stringing lights, placing a few bouquets of fresh flowers, setting out fun props for photo ops, arranging matching place settings, or even just curating a well-styled space.

Set the vibe with the right lighting and music

One telltale sign of a good party is when it seamlessly transitions from day to night. Make sure your party stays lit even after the sun sets by having outdoor lighting and a steady stream of music at the ready. Remember that your guests’ eyes will naturally adjust to the darkness so all you really need is a bit of ambient light to set the event’s evening vibe. Think light strings, colorful paper lanterns, candles, and deck accent lighting.

Have fun choosing glassware

Put a little (or a lot of) thought into choosing glassware for your event. Good glassware can not only add to the decor of a party but it can also act as a conversation starter, dress up or dress down the vibe, and give more personality to your party. Some fun ways to add a little oomph? Serve drinks from a vintage punch bowl or in an eclectic assortment of thrifted glassware. Jazz up trendy balloon glasses or your favorite Mason jars by serving drinks with creative garnishes or using ice cubes with frozen flowers. It can even be as simple as serving cocktails with naturally colorful spirits, like the beautiful berry blush of Bombay Bramble.

Crafting a memorable cocktail with Bombay Bramble is as simple as topping 1.5 ounces of the spirit with a top-shelf tonic and adorning your glass with all your favorite garnishes.
Crafting a memorable cocktail with Bombay Bramble is as simple as topping 1.5 ounces of the spirit with a top-shelf tonic and adorning your glass with all your favorite garnishes.

Keep the menu simple, fresh, and memorable

Summer menus should be simple and full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, with plenty of delicious fish or meat as needed. Fire up the grill for summer staples like burgers and vegetable skewers. Incorporate fresh produce like cherries, blackberries, raspberries, and watermelon into dishes. Juicy, all-natural grilled lamb chops, tempting burrata, and grilled peach salads, as well as refreshing handmade sorbets will all easily elevate your menu to produce a more formal outdoor scene when you need it.

Consider dietary restrictions

Adjust the menu based on dietary requests or requirements, and offer at least one or two decent options for each special diet. Something as small as a dedicated space on the grill for plant-based burgers can go a long way with the right crowd –– and you can count on earning extra points if your guests don’t even have to ask.

However, don’t just stop at the food. Make sure the bar is stocked with something for everyone, too. For example, Bombay Bramble is made from 100 percent natural ingredients like hand-selected botanicals and freshly harvested blackberries and raspberries. With no added sugars, the spirit is also naturally gluten-free, making it a great bar staple for any event.

Have a plan for bugs

We’re not the only ones who swarm outdoors when summer hits. Battling bugs may not be the most glamorous part of your party but it can make or break a soiree. Decorative citronella candles function twofold by adding to the ambiance while warding off insects. Handle the bugs so the only thing buzzing in your guests’ ears are murmurs of how great a time they’re having.

Stay cool and calm

Give thought to potential weather woes such as wind, rain, and excessive heat. Keep your party sizzling while keeping your guests cool — or your outdoor event may quickly turn into an indoor event. Naturally shaded spots are great but not always a guarantee, so feel free to pop open an umbrella or set up a few outdoor fans. No matter what, make sure your guests always have a cool, refreshing drink like the Bombay Bramble & Tonic in their hands to help combat the summer heat.

Offer a selection of light and refreshing beverages

Stand out from the crowd this summer by offering guests an alternative to the ubiquitous rosé and vodka cocktails that have become standard at warm-weather events. Crafting up a memorable cocktail with Bombay Bramble is as simple as topping 1.5 ounces of the spirit with a top-shelf tonic and adorning your glass with all your favorite garnishes. From casual to classy, a bright, fruity, and refreshing cocktail made with Bombay Bramble will make any event a hit.

This article is sponsored by Bombay Bramble.