In April 2019, a college-student-run company made national headlines after its Natural Light-drinking founders scored a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Their invention? A cooler that can fit an entire 24-pack of beer — and keep it chilled without ice.

“Shark Tank” has had a hand (fin?) in several booze-adjacent products, from decommissioned ammunition bottle openers to picnic-friendly portable wine glasses.

Here are six beer, wine, and cocktail gadgets that succeeded after swimming with the Sharks.

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Bottle Breacher 

Credit: Bottle Breacher /

Founded by former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife Jen, and staffed by active duty members and veterans, this beer-friendly brand crafts bottle openers out of decommissioned .50 caliber bullets. Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary went in on a deal for $150,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the company in 2014. Sales subsequently reached $15 million. Price: $12.99-$57.99.


Credit: BottleKeeper /

BottleKeeper CEO Adam Callinan scored a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner in 2018. (Apparently, BottleKeeper’s tagline was convincing: “Colder Beer is Better. It’s Science.”) The insulated, thermos-like bottle cover slips over beers to keep them chilly and safe from shattering. BottleKeeper recently launched new spring colors, including seafoam, coral, Caribbean blue, and lime green. Price: $35.

Copa Di Vino

Credit: Copa Di Vino /

Copa Di Vino famously failed to win the favor of the Sharks — twice — but that didn’t stop it from becoming a successful business. Before appearing on the show in 2011, founder James Martin’s single-serve wine glasses had earned $500,000 in sales. After appearing on the show, sales increased to $5 million. This unprecedented success earned Copa Di Vino a second chance on the show in 2017. Martin still didn’t strike a deal with the Sharks, but Copa Di Vino sold 37 million cups as of 2017. Price: Varies.


Credit: Goverre /

Southern California corporate dropouts Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher launched Goverre, a wine glass with a “drink-through lid” (a.k.a. adult sippy cup) and a silicone sleeve for increased grippability and decreased breakability in 2017. Several months later, they landed a spot on “Shark Tank” and accepted an offer from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. Price: $24.

Ice Shaker

Credit: Ice Shaker /

Co-founders and brothers Chris, Rob, Gordie, Dan, and Glenn Gronkowski originally marketed Ice Shaker as a protein shaker, vacuum-sealed with a pop-top for optimum workout potential. (Two of the brothers, Chris and Rob, are former NFL players.) All five Sharks made offers. The Gronkowskis negotiated a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez for $150,000 for a 15 percent stake in the company, valuing Ice Shaker at $1 million.

Ice Shaker’s offerings now include a best-selling tumbler, cocktail cup, and wine cup. The company blog even offers Champagne cocktail recipes for its stemless shaker, like Moët Melon on the Rocks. Fancy. Price: $18.50-$44.99.

Kanga Kase Mate

Credit: Kanga /

Brand-loyal tailgaters can keep an entire case of beer cool with the Kanga Kase Mate, an iceless cooler designed to cover and maintain the chill of a 24-pack of beer. The company claims this setup weighs 45 pounds less than a typical cooler-and-ice situation. It’s also, we might add, more stylish and sustainable. Price: $29.95.