Study: Does Being A Mom Change How You Drink Wine?

If there is any group of women that need (and deserve!) a drink more than anyone else, it’s mothers. Between going to work, maintaining a home, and taking care of children, pets, and themselves, the daily life of a mom is never-ending. It got us wondering: How on Earth do they do it? We figured there could only be one answer: with wine, of course.

But we wanted to know the details. Just how much do mothers drink on a daily basis? Has how and when they drink wine changed since becoming a parent, or has it generally stayed the same? In order to uncover these tidbits and more, we partnered with Rueda Verdejo—the official white wine of spring, and a wine sure to please every wine-drinking mom out there — to survey the VinePair readership in order to find out what a day in the life of our moms looks like.

As it turns out, factors like how many children you have, or the time of day, actually have an impact on the wine consumption habits of mothers. On an average day, most moms consume two glasses of wine, and a sizable majority told us they now drink significantly more since having kids.

We concluded the survey with the biggest open-ended question of them all: How has your wine consumption changed since having kids? One mom revealed that wine with dinner is a must, as it’s the only way to survive bedtime. Another disclosed that if she can drink during the witching hour of 5pm to 6pm and make it through, then she’s good for the rest of the evening. Athird simply told us that she just doesn’t sit down with a glass of wine like she used to. It became clear pretty quickly that having children most definitely changes the way you drink wine.

Surprised? Check out the graphic below to see more interesting details. And the next time your kids leave you in need of another glass of wine, reach for a crisp, refreshing Rueda Verdejo.

Study: Does Being A Mom Change How You Drink Wine?