It’s no secret that rosé has skyrocketed in popularity among American drinkers in recent years. The salmon-colored wine has inspired kitschy slogans, frozen cocktails, and Instagram-ready photo ops. It’s also inspired a dramatic increase in sales: As of January 2020, off-premise sales of rosé wine saw an increase of 281 percent over the past four years. But just how popular is rosé in the U.S.? And, more importantly, which regions boast the most loyal pink wine drinkers?

The best way to answer that question is by tallying the number of consumers who not only drink rosé at home, but who are ordering it at their favorite bars and restaurants. In April, consumer insights firm Nielsen CGA did just that.

Following a survey of 15,000 consumers nationwide, Nielsen CGA found that 10 percent of respondents typically order rosé when visiting on-premise locations. The survey also showed the wine’s popularity remains consistent across the nation. In the Pacific region, where the wine is most popular, 12 percent of survey respondents say they order rosé when dining or drinking out — while the West North Central region where rosé is the least popular saw 8 percent of respondents claim the same.

Ready to see which regions love rosé the most? Find out below using our color-coded map.