Bourbon may be America’s native spirit, but it isn’t the only whiskey produced throughout the U.S. American distillers are crafting all types of whiskey, from rye to single malt, and even bourbon is produced beyond the boundaries of Kentucky.

In 2019, over 26 million cases of American whiskey were sold throughout the country, racking up nearly $4 billion in revenue. And while Jack Daniels remains the best-selling brand, there are now more than 570 craft distilleries competing for a place on our home bars. But how patriotic are our palates?

Consumer insights firm Nielsen CGA answered that question by tallying how many consumers are ordering American whiskey when out at bars and restaurants. According to the April 2020 survey of 15,000 consumers nationwide, 12 percent of drinkers in the U.S. order American whiskey during a night out. Among those who purchase alcoholic beverages while drinking and dining out, bourbon and other American-made whiskey orders remain surprisingly even throughout the States.

Less surprising is the leading region: On-premise orders are most popular in the East South Central U.S., where 14 percent of respondents order American whiskey. That region is home to a large portion of American whiskey makers, in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Even in the two regions where our own whiskey is least popular, New England and the West North Central region, 10 percent said they order the national drink.

See where your state falls in VinePair’s map of American whiskey ordering behaviors in each U.S. region below.

MAP: The States That Drink The Most And Least Whiskey

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