6 wines to drink this December

Here at VinePair, we do our best to share our love of wine with you. We are always looking for new and stimulating ways to educate, inform, and entertain you on the subject most dear to our hearts. That’s why we are so excited to share with you our first wine club. In partnership with our friends at invino, we will be sending our wine club members six great wines we’ve handpicked for you, delivered to your doorstep. This month, the value of these wines is a combined cost of over $200, but invino is selling all six for $99, plus free shipping. If you love reading about wine on VinePair, but you want to take your love of wine one step further and actually taste some great wines, this club is for you.

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The wines we will send you each month aren’t just enjoyed by one or two staff members, either. This month, the entire VinePair family got together and blind-tasted a big selection of bottles. That means we put foil over the labels so as not to be influenced by where the wine came from or what the label on the bottle said. We numbered the bottles, tasted them, and ranked them. And we chose for you only the best of the bunch.

Here are the six bottles we’re really excited for you to try this December:

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2012 C’est Bon Reserve Zinfandel

C'est Bon ZinfandelThe first time we tasted this wine, we couldn’t believe it was a Zinfandel, especially one from California. This wine is polished and smooth, not hot, fruity, and alcoholic like you get with many Cali Zins these days. It was so delicious, in fact, that we finished the entire bottle during the tasting.

2009 Vine Cliff Cabernet Sauvignon

Vine Cliff Rock Block Napa CabThis gorgeous wine is a gem from Oakville, where only 25 acres out of 100 are planted. This is a wine for those who love Cabernet and for those who admit to a degree of impatience. It’s rare to come across a Napa Cab that’s seven years old, but trust us, if you wanted to age this bottle even longer, you could.

2014 La Domitienne Picpoul-de-Pinet

La Domitienne Picpoul-de-PinetVinePair’s resident wine geek Keith Beavers used to sell this exact wine all the time at his East Village wine shop. It flew off the shelves, and with good reason. This wine is one of the most refreshing and delicious whites you’ll taste. Perfect for a spread of oysters.

2011 Forty-Seven Friends Pinot Noir

Forty Seven Friends Pinot NoirWe found this Pinot Noir to be the perfect example of what great Sonoma Pinot can be. There’s a nice amount of fruit balanced by leather and spice, making this wine both thought-provoking and easy drinking. It’s a wine that is perfect for your next dinner party, or just for relaxing at the end of a long day.

2014 Rocca Maura IGP Red

Rocca Maura IGP RedThis Rhone blend is insanely approachable and easy to love. This is a rich and warm French red that is bright in color and full of aromas of fresh red plums and berries, with just a hint of perfectly balanced dark chocolate and black licorice. The tannins – the compound that dries out your mouth — are smooth and integrated and the finish is shockingly long.

2012 deAlto Amo Blanco

deAlto Amo BlancoRioja Blanco is probably not a wine you encounter regularly, but it is fantastic. Bright acidity makes this wine an easy-drinker, yet there is also complexity here that allows the wine to be the perfect accompaniment to shellfish, seafood and chicken.

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