Simplify Your Holiday Hustle With Coppola Winery’s Diamond Collection Prosecco

‘Tis the season for when the occasional night out turns into a back-to-back roster of holiday parties, white elephant gift exchanges, and New Year celebrations — all crammed into just four weeks.

To help streamline the merriment, consider stockpiling a gift that meets the needs of every glittery gathering. Something affordable, sumptuous, and already adorned in holiday-worthy shades of crimson and silver: Coppola Diamond Collection Prosecco.

The secret to an unforgettable bash, according to the best hosts, is bubbles. No matter what the atmosphere, whether it’s a high-end jamboree or a laid-back brunch, a bottle of Diamond Collection Prosecco adds lively effervescence to any gathering. Better yet, having a few spare bottles on hand means you can appropriately thank the neighbor who stops by unexpectedly with a plate of freshly baked cookies or avoid the stress of a last-minute gift when you’re running late to a homemade dinner — it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Prosecco: The Brightest Star in the Sparkling Sky

Not all sparkling wines are created equal. Diamond Collection Prosecco is crafted with grapes imported directly from the Prosecco DOC in Italy. That means winegrowers must adhere to a strict set of standards when producing grapes, resulting in unmatched quality. For the newest addition to the Diamond Collection family, grapes were harvested from select vineyards across northeast Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite Mountains. Though this is certainly a premium wine, the price point isn’t. At just $19 a bottle, it’s a great option for wine lovers seeking an expensive-tasting wine at an accessible cost.

The result is an enticing sparkling wine that bursts with aromas of citrus blossom and exotic fruit. On the palate, fine bubbles release flavors of juicy apple, zesty citrus, and sweet white peach. The finish is long and crisp. Like the layers of excitement experienced during the holidays, this wine brims with joyful complexity.

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with Diamond Collection Prosecco. Here are three occasions where this bottle of bubbly truly shines — no wrapping required.

White Elephant Party

We’ve all been there. With a budget of $25 or less, you’re instructed to bring a present with universal appeal to the White Elephant gift exchange. Rather than risk a redundant peppermint-scented candle or generic gift certificate, consider contributing a bottle of covetable Diamond Collection Prosecco to the pool.

Fruit-forward, vivid, and expertly executed, sit back and relax as guests quibble over this elegant bottle. With such an accessible price point, you may have just enough budget left over to purchase a wine opener to go along with it; that way everyone at the fête can enjoy a sip of Italy.

Holiday Potluck

If standing by a hot stove cooking all morning before the potluck isn’t your idea of fun, put your name down to provide the bubbly. Diamond Collection Prosecco’s versatility extends to its pairing potential. This wine is a delightful companion to various holiday dishes, from seafood appetizers like bacon-wrapped scallops to hearty roasted ham. The pleasant acidity cuts through creamy, rich sauces and balances seasonal desserts like sweet potato pie, making it a reliable choice throughout the meal, no matter what’s served.

New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes midnight, raise a glass of Diamond Collection Prosecco for fireworks of flavor. Whether you’re hosting the celebration or you’ve been tasked with bringing the wine, ensure that the new year is off to the right start by toasting with Italy’s finest bubbles. Saluti!

No matter what this season has in store for you, be prepared for any invitation with Coppola Winery’s Diamond Collection Prosecco. Luxe, accessible, and crafted from some of the finest grapes in Italy, it’s a present that runs the gamut of holiday affairs. When you pick up a few bottles, be sure to save one for yourself — consider it a gift.

This article is sponsored by Francis Ford Coppola Winery.