BevCon is a beverage conference like no other. In only two years, BevCon has quickly become one of the country’s most exciting and inspiring, industry only, beverage events. Professional bartenders, sommeliers, buyers, beverage makers, distributors, importers, media, marketing, public relations professionals, and other related companies all gather in an intimate setting to learn from one another, share resources, network, and become inspired to grow their respective businesses. For the past two years the conference has been held in Charleston, S.C., but this year it’s moving on up to L.A. We asked seven attendees what makes the conference so special, and why if it isn’t already on your radar, it should be.

“BevCon is a wonderful drinks and spirits event. It is created by professionals in the industry for professionals within the industry. This fubu approach enables us to curate sponsorships, presentations, seminars, and educational opportunities to sustain a positive and healthy drink industry.” — Gary Crunkleton, The Crunkleton, Chapel Hill, N.C.

“While there are myriad conferences dedicated to individual beverages, they’re all single-category. No other convention brings it all together under one roof, from wine to beer to spirits to coffee and tea. The result is a uniquely interdisciplinary experience that allows an unprecedented cross-pollination of ideas and information. Furthermore, by attracting the key people from each industry, BevCon’s conversations are at the cutting edge. Best of all: It’s the opposite of stodgy; much fun is had by all.” — Jordan MacKay, Writer

“By bringing together all aspects of the beverage industry, BevCon is the one-stop shop to hear from and talk with those who are actively contributing to defining the American beverage scene and American cuisine overall. BevCon provides one of the most intimate settings for decision makers and leaders in the beverage, hospitality, and culinary community to come together to talk, learn, and discuss the topics that are driving, defining, and changing our industry.” — Adam Duyle, Craft Brewers Association

“BevCon is a great place to go, as it’s a place you can interact with folks from across beverage, rather than simply one area. As a distiller, most of the places I go are full of other distillers or bar folks — the opportunity to be with wine and tea and coffee and beer is a great opportunity to connect and build relationships.” — Paul Hletko, FEW Spirits

“The unique nature of BevCon stems from its participants. It is small enough that you have the opportunity to speak to anyone. That is important because the amount of tastemakers and trailblazers in the beverage industry seems endless at BevCon.” — Mattie Beason, Cider Expert

“I think one of the key points of differentiation for BevCon is that it highlights the entire beverage ecosystem from production to distribution, from restaurants to hotels, and from the changes in our industry to the changes in our consumers. Sommeliers, bartenders, distillers, brewers, coffee roasters, winemakers, lawyers, and tech are all a part of the dialogue. It encourages industry professionals to expand the view beyond a singular focus and see how various segments of our industry work together and are approaching the same topics and issues. Throw in some great food and drinks and it is easy to see how BevCon has become such an enriching catalyst for the cross-pollination of people, genres, and ideas that will move our industry forward.” — Sabato Sagaia III, bartaco

“More than any other industry event out there, BevCon focuses on promoting collaboration and community within the trade. They reach beyond the standard fare of seminars and tastings to organize thoughtful activities that give attendees an opportunity to explore the local scene and spend quality time with other participants.”— Aaron Sherman, CEO, SevenFifty

This article is sponsored by BevCon, the country’s most exciting and inspiring, industry only, beverage event.