Fear, panic, and dread are emotions that often grip us when faced with the prospect of a bar bathroom. Fortunately, for those who value design and comfort, bar bathrooms are getting a serious upgrade. Cocktail dens, dive bars, and other watering holes are putting energy and expertise into these oft-forgotten spaces. From Georgia to Napa, you can find bar bathrooms gilded with crystals and jewels, lined with mirrors, and covered in playful wallpaper.

The country’s chicest bar bathrooms inspire awe, admiration, and artfully lit Instagram selfies. Here are seven of our favorites.

The House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY

Known for its over-the-top, hippie-funk-electronica parties (complete with aerial dancers), it’s no wonder that House of Yes’s bathroom is as outrageous as its parties. The walls are covered in mirrors, and intricately encrusted with beads and crystals. These latrines have become such a big attraction, selfies and impromptu photo shoots now occur regularly.

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Ground Kontrol, Portland, OR

Instead of restrooms labeled “women” and “men,” customers are given the option of “Pac-Man” or “Ms. Pac-Man” at Portland’s classic-arcade-themed bar, Ground Kontrol. The tiles on the bathroom floors depict Pac-Man, and the sinks are lit with bright blue light inspired by the original “Tron” arcade game. All is sure to thrill any arcade fanatic.


Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley, CA

If someone handed you pictures of the Castello di Amorosa, you would assume it was in Spain, not a vineyard in the Napa Valley. The impressive structure has become a hotspot for weddings, and romantic rendezvous, but its medieval-inspired bathrooms have also become a noteworthy attraction. Though not technically at a bar, these are bathrooms for the books: Each stall door has a portrait painted on it, resembling art from the Byzantine and Romanesque movements.


Ticonderoga Club, Atlanta, GA

Ticonderoga Club is a bar for the spirited masses looking to commiserate and relax with a couple of drinks, and maybe a snack. Like its clientele, Ticonderoga Club’s bathrooms are interesting and animated, covered in wallpaper with images of anthropomorphic animals playing accordions and sipping on cocktails.


Doug Fir, Portland, OR

The bathrooms at Doug Fir are covered in mirrors accented with intricate, lace-like gold details, and lit with warm golden lighting. These sophisticated and chic washrooms offer all who enter a satisfyingly unique experience, and the opportunity for a selfie (or two).


The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Brooklyn, NY

For those who daydream about retiring and spending their golden years playing shuffleboard and dominos in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. Partiers here can play shuffleboard all night long while sipping on cocktails and maybe noshing on a snack or two at this Brooklyn hot spot. And, what further completes The Royal Palm’s dedicated homage to a Floridian retirement community is its bathrooms covered in vibrant, pink flamingo wallpaper.


Royal Jelly, Austin, TX

A black light in a bar bathroom sounds frightening in most cases, but, somehow, Royal Jelly makes it work. The black light and neon dragon paintings hanging in this hip Austin bar will make you feel as if you’ve taken a time machine back to the ’70s — pump up the art rock and turn your gaze to the dark side of the moon.