Wine Pairings for America’s Top Seamless Orders

Your best self plans to go to the greenmarket or local family-owned health food store to buy groceries for the week. You might subscribe to a recipe newsletter or even a meal kit delivery service. Reality sets in, however, and work runs late or social obligations get in the way of everything else.

Suddenly it’s 7:30 p.m. and you’re starving and Netflix is right there. You work hard. Maybe you could just order in? And pop a bottle of wine while you’re at it?

Grubhub, Seamless’s parent company, released a report outlining the most popular dishes of the first half of 2017. Dishes on the rise included poke bowls and avocado toast, plus some more indulgent fare (hello, macaroni and cheese bites).

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If you’re going to treat yourself to delivery chez vous, might we suggest a nice bottle of wine to go with your takeout? Here are wine pairings with Seamless’s top trending dishes of the year so far. We think you deserve it.

Got Poke Bowls? Drink Txakolina

Delivery of these majorly trending Hawaiian bowls are up 365 percent since 2016. Loaded with protein, plus some veggies and carbs, poke bowls are quite a reasonable dinner. Reward yourself for making healthy choices with a delicious cold glass (or three) of Txakolina, a delightfully fresh Basque white wine. Don’t be put off by the unfamiliar name, which is pronounced “chock-oh-lee-na.” This mineral- driven, limey wine brings instant refreshment and will pair perfectly with the seafood in your poke bowl. And at less than $20 a bottle, maybe you’ll want to get a few bottles of this one.

Mac & Cheese is Awesome with Champagne

Bite-sized mac and cheese orders increased by 78 percent this year. (Did everyone in the country go through a breakup?) Regardless, Champagne is the answer. Not only is Champagne synonymous with being treated well, it also pairs wonderfully with almost anything. The bubbles and backbone of appley acidity refresh the palate, which makes it pair wonderfully with the oozy toasty decadence of cheesy pasta. We suggest this under-$35 option, an affordably priced grower Champagne. You may deserve a treat, but you also need to be able to afford that Seamless order.

Pair Chicken-Fried Steak with Off-Dry Riesling

Let’s face it: Chicken-fried steak is the Americanized version of the classic German schnitzel. They’re both thin strips of meat that are breaded and fried into blissful caloric deliciousness. In a stunning twist, Americanized schnitzel saw a 103 percent increase in orders from January to July 2017. Wunderbar! Celebrate with off-dry Riesling, another German treat. Though Americans often associate Riesling with sweetness, an off-dry version will have just enough sugar to balance out the saltiness of chicken-fried steak. The wine’s brightness and peachy, citrusy notes will lighten and elevate the heavy dish. Don’t have a favorite off-dry Riesling? Try this one from the Mosel. It’s under $15, and you won’t even have to find a corkscrew to open it — it’s a screw top!

Your Barbecue Chicken Wings Need Garnacha

Up 78 percent this year, barbecue chicken wings are a standby. Why not elevate them with a Spanish red made from Garnacha grapes (called Grenache elsewhere). While Garnacha features in more serious Spanish reds like Rioja, there are some excellent wines under $10 made from just Garnacha. The juicy berry notes and hint of white pepper pair wonderfully with smoky, savory wings.

Avo Toast, Meet Sauvignon Blanc

This ever-popular Instagram star saw a 93 percent increase in orders in early 2017. The good news is it’s a healthier option. The bad news is that a $4 homemade snack typically costs upwards of $12. Life is all about balance, so temper this healthy indulgence with a bottle of well-priced Sauvignon Blanc. Its acidity will balance avocado’s creaminess, and floral notes will bring out its sweetness and enhance any red chili flakes or seasonings added. Best of all, this delicious bottle by Elizabeth Spencer winery is under $20.