Rudi Ghequire is a living legend. As Rodenbach’s brewmaster, he’s been devoted to the brewery synonymous with Flemish red ale since 1982. He’s also the man responsible for creating 2018’s “World’s Best Sour Beer.”

Ghequire took time out of his foeder-filled schedule to tell VinePair about loving sour beer (but not overly bitter IPAs), and why he wants to apologize to his son.

1. What’s your desert-island beer?

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Rodenbach beers from the same brewery where I’ve worked since 1982!

2. What’s the beer that made you fall in love with beer?

Sorry, this is the same, Rodenbach beer, [which] was also loved by my grandmother, uncles, and aunts. I grew up in Roeselare city, where you can find the Rodenbach brewery.

3. FMK three beer types: IPA, pilsner, sour?

I prefer sour over pilsner, [and] pilsner over IPA, because I don’t like very much resinous bitterness. Don’t ask me brand names, because I have too much respect for my fellow brewers and competitors.

4. You’re on death row. What’s your last-supper beer?

The Wipers Times 14° beer, brewed in the Kazematten brewery (Ieper, Belgium) owned by my son. [I] ask him forgiveness because I was too busy with the Rodenbach brewery.

5. You can only drink one beer for the rest of your life. What is it?

That’ll be Rodenbach Classic!

6. What’s the best and worst beer in your fridge right now?

I keep only good beers in my refrigerator, and in Belgium you can find plenty of them.

7. If you could no longer drink beer, what would be your beverage of choice?

I’ll drink wine or tea.