Musician, entrepreneur, and overall icon Rihanna is gearing up to perform during the Super Bowl LVII halftime show. During the set, she’s expected to perform several of her biggest hits.

While you might recognize her by her earworm “Umbrella,” the singer is perhaps just as famous for her quirky drinking moments —including the (many) times she’s left a restaurant with a wine glass in hand.

As a disclaimer, it’s assumed that only Rihanna could pull this off. (Depending on your location, the act might also run against some open container laws.) In a 2018 interview, though, Rihanna swears that she returns the glasses.

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To celebrate her upcoming concert — err, the Super Bowl — we’ve rounded up the most iconic Rihanna drinking moments to date. From sneaking sips at the Grammy Awards to accessorizing with a wine glass, she’s always full of boozy surprises.

In the words of the Caribbean Queen herself: We’ll drink to that.

Of course, she’s been caught snatching a wine glass…

It’s difficult to tell exactly when she began leaving venues with a glass of vino, but RiRi has a fairly documented history of doing so. In this 2016 snap from MTV, she’s seen matching her deep red gown to her similarly hued wine:


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…Or several.

It’s no secret that Rihanna has a habit of strolling with a wine glass in hand — and she looks absolutely fabulous while she does it. There are almost too many instances to count, but this thread by Twitter user Josh Edwards sums it up pretty well:

She’s no stranger to day drinking

In this 2019 video, RiRi downs tequila shots and boozy concoctions during Seth Meyers’ long running series, “Day Drinking.” After a couple drinks, she spills her thoughts on pickup lines, her childhood dream job, and more.

Rihanna sips beer courtside, gracefully, with a straw

When sitting courtside at Brooklyn Nets games, Rihanna’s been photographed slurping brewskis with a straw so as not to smear her lip gloss — which is exactly what we’d expect from the woman at the center of the Fenty-verse. While it’s difficult to nail down exactly which beer she favors, she’s been previously seen drinking Corona and Heineken.

Her personal flask is jewel-encrusted

Rih’s set a new standard for covert drinking. During the 2017 Grammy Awards, she was caught on video sneaking sips from a glitzy flask: